Pressure Washing and Pool Deck Cleaning

In older inground swimming pools, strange stains on the floor or walls of your pool can appear, which makes the swimming experience less than pleasant. In situations like that, don’t hesitate to contact our expert swimming pool cleaners at Krystal Clear Pools in Fort Lauderdale.

What is Pressure Washing?

Quite simply, pressure washing primarily relies on high pressure to get surfaces clean. While some chemicals may be used, it’s much less than when opting for soft washing. The experts at Krystal Clear Pools will evaluate your project and help you choose the right method.

Regular pool deck cleaning might seem like a straightforward job, and many homeowners attempt to tackle this work on their own, either with a garden hose and some cleanser or with a rented power washer. However, proper cleaning of your home’s outdoor deck, as well as other concrete and wood surfaces, is not a DIY job!

A professional soft wash pool deck cleaning with specialty surfactants and brushes dissolves grit, sand, silt, and ground-in mud, as well as chlorine and pool chemicals, protecting concrete and wood surfaces from becoming dry and damaged.

Your home’s pool deck needs consistent cleaning, to remove dirt and grime as well as pool chemicals, mildew, and other bothersome debris. A garden hose is not strong enough for this cleaning, and a homeowner might use the wrong detergents, scrub brush, and pressure washer when cleaning a deck on their own. To ensure your property is always clean and pristine and in good condition, note some additional details about professional pool deck cleaning as well as exterior house washing, concrete cleaning, and wood deck and fence cleaning as well.

Why Pool Deck Cleaning is important?

The average homeowner or staff at a public pool isn’t experienced in the procedures or the equipment involved in proper deck cleaning. To ensure the most effective and lasting results, a garden hose and some cleansers might not get the job done. Even a purchased or rented pressure washer in inexperienced hands is unlikely to suffice. There’s a much simpler and effective way to keep pool decks clean and sanitized: professional pressure washing.

Hiring Professional Cleaner

Whether it’s tile, wood, stone, concrete pavers or some other type of surface, the right pressure washing treatment can work wonders. The professionals at Krystal Clear Pools know that different materials and surfaces require varying techniques to clean your property without damaging it or its surroundings. Get a free estimate and let us help you enhance the appearance of your home or patio!

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Just about anywhere you are, you are likely to find a location near you. In addition to offering professional pressure washing for pool decks, they can help you with exterior home cleaning that saves you time and maintains the look of your home. Schedule a consultation today!